It's all about the GLUTES! 
Avoid knee, hip and lower back pain as you build strong, sexy glutes to help you run faster and lift more!
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Whether You Want To Prevent Injury, Run Faster Or Lift More...
It's ALL About The Glutes!
Strong, sexy glutes not only look amazing but help you move and feel better!
Your glutes are an oh so important muscle group.

However, all too often they aren't functioning as well as they should be. Heck, this problem is so common they've even earned the nickname "the sleeping giants."

Because your glutes aren't functioning optimally not only are you at risk for lower back, hip and knee pain, but you may also NOT be getting the results your looking for from your glute training routine despite all of the hard work you're putting in!
Because most of us spend way too much time seated with our hips in flexion, our glutes often adaptively lengthen and become underactive.

What this means is that when you go to squat or deadlift or run, your glutes aren't carrying the load they should be! Instead your hamstrings, lower back, hips or quads become overworked trying to carry the load.

Ever wonder why your quads seem to grow when your glutes don't change? Or why you only ever feel your quads or hamstrings or even lower back working during lower body movements?

It may be because your glutes aren't working as they should be!

So whether you want to strengthen or tone your glutes or simply prevent and alleviate injuries throughout your core and lower body, you need to work those glutes, but you've got to make sure that all of your work isn't in vain!

And that requires a 4 step process - Foam Rolling, Stretching, Activation and Strengthening!
Foam Roll, Stretch, Activate and Strengthen!
Use these 4 steps for sexy, strong glutes to help you prevent injury!
Unfortunately, if you want to prevent pain and build strong, sexy glutes, it isn't as simple as doing a ton of squats and deadlifts.

I know "Squat for a better butt" is a phrase we see all across social media. But for most people, squats just don't do it.

Yes, squats can work your glutes, but if your glutes are underactive, you may actually just end up building up your quads and leaving your lower back feeling overworked. Aka all the squatting in the world may not help you achieve those glute gains you're seeking.
And if you're injured, your mind-body connection and recruitment patterns may cause squats to do more harm than good.

Now I'm not telling you to avoid squats, I'm just telling you that you can't ignore the entire process if you want results!

First, you need to FOAM ROLL.

Often when our glutes are underactive it is because our hip flexors are tight. The first step to helping us activate our glutes properly is to relax the overactive, tight muscle - aka our HIPS!

That means first foam rolling or using self-myofascial release to relax the muscles so that you can restore proper flexibility and even joint mobility. You may even find it helpful to roll other overactive muscles that tend to want to engage during movements where your glutes should be working, such as your hamstring and lower back. The more you can relax those muscles so they aren't overexcited, the easier it can then be to establish a mind-body connection with those underactive muscles!

After you foam roll, you then want to work to improve your flexibility and joint range of motion. 

STRETCHING is the key second piece of the puzzle!

When you are stretching before your workout to loosen muscles and improve your flexibility and mobility, you want to use active or dynamic stretches. You want to work the joint through a range, often even the range of motion or movement you plan to use during your workout. And you want to mobilize the joint as fully as possible. 

Ever notice if you skip your warm up how a couple of rounds in you can squat deeper? How you feel warmer and more mobile? 

Stop wasting a few rounds of your workout! Start using dynamic stretching as part of the process!

Using stretching to improve your flexibility and joint mobility can help you more easily activate and recruit those glutes to avoid compensating! When you stretch tight and shortened hips, you make it easier for your glutes to fire! (And if you have Anterior Pelvic Tilt, stretching is super key to help you return to a neutral alignment!)

Once you stretch though, you can't stop there. Often we stretch and roll and then wonder why all of our injury prevention and mobility work never seems to "stick" or last.

And it is because we just keep perpetuating those same patterns of overload and overuse. 

Once you foam roll and stretch, you need to ACTIVATE so the correct muscles start working as they should!

Whether you're looking to prevent injury or want strong, toned glutes, these activation moves can NOT be skipped. These more isolated, glute-focused movements help you establish the mind-body connection and get those glutes firing.

They help you improve and MAINTAIN that flexibility and mobility you worked for by getting the right muscles, aka your glutes, carrying the loads they should. These moves not only start to strengthen your glutes but they also help you make sure your glutes then fire correctly during more compound movements.

And this is your chance to make sure you've activated different fibers of all three glute muscles!

While I can't say enough about activation for injury prevention, especially for all of you cyclists and runners, I also can't say enough about it if you want to tone or build those glutes! If sculpting sexy glutes is part of what you want, and there is nothing wrong with that, don't ignore these isolated exercises! 

From an aesthetic standpoint, these moves can even be key if you're struggling to get the glute results you're looking for without building up your legs further.

Once you've done the foam rolling, stretching and activation, you can't forget about the strengthening. 

Strength training is key if you want to be functionally strong to move and look better! 

This is where you focus on adding more weight, spending more time under tension, using more compound moves. This is where you work to build strength through a full range of motion and work your glutes in every plane. This is where you can use squats in your programming.

But you shouldn't just stick with squats! 

You want hip hinging movements to improve hip extension, abduction movements, external rotation movements, and hip hyperextension movements. You want to work your glutes with exercises that utilize all of their different functions! You even want to work them in ways that force them to stabilize because they are such an important hip stabilizer!

You want to use these compound moves to build functional strength so you can run faster, lift more and avoid injury! And heck, strong glutes look damn sexy too!

Using all four steps you can not only avoid and correct compensations and imbalances that may lead to injury but you can also make sure your glutes are firing and carrying the loads they should during your workouts so you get better and FASTER results!

So how do you include all four parts in your workout routine? And how do you create a glute training routine that meets YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS?

That's how my Glute Camp can help!
What Is The Glute Camp?
Your Guide To A Glute Training Program That Meets YOUR Needs!
We've all heard that one size doesn't fit all when it comes to training routines. We all have different goals and are starting at different places.

That is why it is key we know how to train to meet our specific needs!
And that is why I created the Glute Camp!

I wanted  to create a program that gave you over 700 workout options to meet your specific needs while also explaining the WHAT, WHY and HOW behind proper glute training.

I didn't want just another 6 week program that after you were done you were wondering "What's next?" 

I wanted you to have something that allowed you to adjust your programming as your goals changed and you progressed.

Whether you're coming back from injury, a runner looking to improve their race time, a beginner starting out at home or an advanced lifter looking to build sexy, strong glutes, I wanted you to have workout options and even schedules to meet your specific needs. 

And I didn't just want to tell you what to do and when to do it, I also wanted you to understand WHY certain things worked and how you could adjust things to meet your needs!

Need to modify around injury or based on your current fitness level? I explain how to modify moves.

Not able to get your glutes to fire correctly during certain movements?  I explain how to tweak moves to improve glute engagement.

Not sure how often to train or what moves to include for your needs? I break down the function of your glute muscles and explain what types of moves are key and how often to train based on your needs!

So how can a program do all of this? How can I provide you with that many workouts and help you meet your specific needs while also teaching you how to design glute training routines that WORK?
By creating the Glute Camp CARDS!

This is not your normal e-book or 6 week program.

This is PHYSICAL CARDS you can take with you anywhere that easily fit in your purse, suitcase or gym bag!

These cards provide you with over 700 unique workout designs you can create based on your specific needs.

Remember the 4 parts of a perfect training routine I mentioned? 

Foam Rolling, Stretching, Activation and Strengthening?
The glute camp cards provide series for each part of a training program so that you can combine in a variety of ways to reach your specific goals.

To create a workout based on your specific needs, you will select one blue card (foam rolling), one pink card (stretching), one green card (activation) and, depending on your goals, one yellow card (strengthening). 

This gives you options based on what you need that progression or day. If you even can't get to the gym for your usual workout, you can easily pull together cards for something at home to keep you on track and moving forward.

And if you aren't sure where to start with creating your own workouts, I provide done-for-you options and schedules. Plus, I explain HOW you can learn to create your own so you know you're creating workouts that will work!

These Glute Camp Cards are easy to throw into your bag to take with you when you head to the gym or travel! And if you happen to leave them behind, you'll have access to the extended edition e-book to use on any device!

700 workouts at your fingertips with easy to use quick reference images right on the back of the cards in case you forget a move during your workout.

And if you're new to some of the moves, you'll also have access to a video exercise library to review form and even learn modifications.
The best part about the Glute Camp is also that it isn't only a workout program - it's glute education!

I've written articles all about the glutes so you really understand why certain do and don't work and how you can make things work for your specific needs.

No two people are alike and each of our bodies responses to movements and even form tweaks will be different. You'll learn how to make the training program really work for YOU!
And if you're as glute obsessed as I am, you'll love learning about the 10 must-do glute training moves and the 3 drivers of muscle growth!

All of the things you need to finally learn what YOU need to get the results YOU are looking for!

As much as I love my done-for-you programs, this by far is better to help you truly understand and become empowered so you can get the results you need as no two people are exactly alike!
But while glute training may be your focus, you don't want to forget the rest of your body! 

Training your upper body and core can even help you get better results, especially if changing your body composition or improving your strength and preventing injury is part of your goals.

That is why I created my "Don't Forget The Rest" cards! These digital cards will help you create a variety of upper body and full body workouts to complement your glute training routine.

So if you're short on time and want to work not only your glutes but also your upper body and core, you'll have options! 

Like the Glute Camp Cards, these can be used on any device and come with quick reference images of each move on the cards as well as a video exercises library to help you with proper form.
So....are you ready for strong, sexy glutes that help you lift more, run faster and prevent injury?

Are you ready to have 100s of workouts that fit YOUR specific needs and goals?

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